Customer Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What services does your Landscape company offer?

A: We offer new landscaping and renovations, driveway installs, retaining walls and pavers.  Unfortunately, we do not offer lawn mowing services, snow removal, fall cleanups or landscape bed maintenance services.

Q: How much area will 1 yard of material cover?

A: Approximately 100 s/f or a 10' x 10' area, 3" deep or 27 cubic feet.  The bigger the product the less coverage you will get. i.e. 4A Cobblestone you will only get approximately 70 - 80 s/f of good coverage at 4 inches deep, due to the size of the stone

Q: What is the difference between crushed limestone, crushed asphalt and crushed concrete?

A: Crushed limestone is a natural product and packs hard like concrete

     Crushed Asphalt and crushed concrete are recycled products. Crushed Asphalt is less dusty. They both pack well.

     All three products are used in driveways, turn arounds or a parking pad for a camper or trailer.

Q: What tool is best for moving mulch?

A: By using a wheel barrow and pitch fork. 

Q:  Can we deliver product to a back yard?

A:  Depending on if has rained recently, or if there are any trees or overhead wires. The truck needs at least a 20 foot clearance above to lift       the dump box.  Gates will need to have at least 10 - 12 feet opening.  Keep in mind that the dump truck is very heavy, weighs approximately    30,000 pounds loaded and will leave ruts.  If the truck gets stuck, it will be your responsiblity to pay for the truck to be towed out.


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